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Check-in System

Meadowbrook Middle School ASES

Before and After-School Activities
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Terry Tu, ASES Site Supervisor  [email protected] 
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ASES Office: Room 122
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After-School Education and Safety

Our ASES staff is excited to see everyone for this school year.  Our program is grant funded, which allows ASES to provide our services without any cost. However, participants must meet attendance requirements. We will adhere to the guidelines of the grant that provides our funding, which stipulates that priority must be given to students who attend ASES five days per week and meets the required late arrival time (morning program) or early release time (afternoon program). Because our program is always at capacity, enrollment priority will be given to students who stay past 5:30 PM meeting the intent of the grant.

Before School Hours of Operation (morning program)

After School Hours of Operation (afternoon program)

The Check-In System
Students will meet in their assigned homework room where they will scan in and then work on homework. Please join class dojo to keep track of your student's homework progress.
ASES Program - As I’m sure you realize our program is very full. In fact, registration for ASES exploded this year, exceeding everyone’s expectations. As a result, we have not been able to provide services to everyone who is interested in our program. In order to meet the education code of the grant that funds ASES we must adhere to the principles of this grant which stipulates that priority must be given to students who stay the full duration of time in ASES; this means five days/week until 6:00 PM. Please keep in mind that attendance is monitored closely via computer scanning, and students who fail to meet the 90% minimum will be dropped. We appreciate your support by helping to remind your child that it is imperative that they scan in and out everyday.

Before School Program: We would like to remind our families the attendance requirements for the morning program. Students MUST scan in before 7:14 AM, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri. On Wednesdays, students  MUST scan in before 7:24 AM,  

Absences and Uncountable Attendance: The grant that funds ASES does not recognize an excused absence. According to the grant, a student is present or they are not. We certainly understand that illnesses and emergencies occur, and we are not looking to drop a child from the program that has an occasional isolated absence or who is absent from both school and ASES due to illness.

However, it is necessary to reiterate that absences from ASES due to a doctor’s appointment, a dentist appointment, sports, private lessons, or any other personal commitment cannot be excused and will count against your child’s attendance. While I truly appreciate your efforts to notify me of your child’s absence, please understand that I cannot excuse an absence. Rest assured that each day we are checking our absence list with Meadowbrook’s attendance report, and are aware of students whose ASES absence coincides with an excused school absence, therefore it is not necessary to contact us concerning your child’s absence

Parent Tardiness: Our program ends at 6:00pm. Thank you for respecting our hours of operation and we understand emergencies occur. When students are picked up after 6:00, our staff are liable to stay with your child.
  1. The first citation will result in a warning.
  2. The second citation will result in a parent conference and district letter.
  3. The third citation will result in removal from program.
The ASES (After School Safety & Education) Program is free and provides a fun, safe, stimulating environment for students whose parents cannot be home when their children return from school.  Studies show that participation in the ASES Program increases students’ attachment to their schools, improves test scores, and keeps kids out of trouble.

We are pleased to offer a free before and after-school program.  In accordance with the intent of the state legislation that provides funding for the Poway Unified School District’s After School and Safety Program (ASESP), it is expected that students attend the after-school program every day for the full range of hours offered, 2:30-6:00 PM. We are bound by the Education Code of the grant to give priority to students who can stay the full duration of time.

The California ASES grant that funds this free program requires families to document any late arrival (after 6:00 AM) in the morning, or early release (before 6:00 PM) in the afternoon.  The PUSD policy requires that parents or students document the appropriate reason for late arrival/early release on the daily attendance sheets.