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Mission Statement

Meadowbrook's vision is to ensure that every student will master the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes essential for college readiness and future success in life. To accomplish this, Meadowbrook's mission is to ensure students will be able to:

Read, write, and compute competently

  • Demonstrate literal and figurative comprehension of written material
  • Communicate facts and opinions in quality writing
  • Apply math, science and writing formulas and methods
  • Demonstrate computer literacy, including using digital resources for research
  • Complete essays, experiments and notebooks with proper format
  • Understand and follow written directions accurately

Listen and speak effectively

  • Use logical, organized verbal communication with peers and adults
  • Participate actively and appropriately in class discussions
  • Understand and follow oral directions accurately
  • Communicate effectively in individual and group oral presentations
  • Paraphrase oral information through note-taking and graphic organizers

Think and reason clearly

  • Analyze, interpret and evaluate data
  • Articulate significant concepts
  • Relate new concepts to previous learning
  • Utilize appropriate strategies to solve problems
  • Interact cooperatively and collaboratively with peers and adults

Demonstrate responsibility

  • Adhere to school-wide and classroom rules
  • Interact positively with peers and adults in group and individual settings
  • Follow directions in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Organize, complete and turn in assignments on time
  • Maintain good care of textbooks, tools, equipment and supplies

Respect themselves and others

  • Exhibit consideration of different cultures, talents and abilities
  • Recognize the dignity and worth of individuals with differing opinions
  • Contribute to a positive, safe, clean, healthy school wide atmosphere
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior, language, and appearance
  • Model positive citizenship by respecting personal and school property