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English Learner Advisory Committee

English Learner Advisory Committee

The committee gives the parents of our English learners the opportunity to learn more about the English learner program and to give advice on our programs for English learners. 

Which schools have an English Learner (Parent) Advisory Committee (ELAC)?

All PUSD schools have an English Learner Parent Advisory Committee.  In addition, each school is invited to send one or more of their ELAC committee members to serve on the District English Learner (Parent) Advisory Committee (DELAC).

Who can be a member of an ELAC or DELAC?

All parents of English learners and other interested community members are welcome to be part of a school’s ELAC committee.  DELAC district representatives are elected from each school’s ELAC committee.

2021-2022 Meadowbrook ELAC members:
Jessica Merton                EL Coordinator                         
Alicia Pentz-Lopez          Site Administrator                    
Yazmin Martinez             Parent Liaison                           
Lea Garza                         Site counselor                                    
Maria Alonso                   EL Instructional Assistant          

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