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Meadowbrook Middle School

Meadowbrook Middle School, located in Poway, a suburban community 25 miles north of metropolitan San Diego, is an energetic and nurturing middle school where young adolescents are valued and respected. The oldest middle school in the Poway Unified School District, Meadowbrook was built in 1964 to house 800 students. The current enrollment of  over 1300 students has necessitated the addition of twelve new classrooms, including two science labs. These were added as part of an extensive modernization project.
Meadowbrook Middle School
The school currently has 52 classrooms (including five science labs), three 36 station computer labs, a multipurpose room, a number of conference rooms, administrative offices, a gymnasium (shared with the City of Poway), playing fields (including a lighted "Class A" soccer field), and athletic locker rooms and facilities. 

The library houses a student collection and teacher resource and reference materials. Each classroom has at least one computer and access to Chromebook carts. All are networked to a central file server providing informational software as well as the internet access. 

Meadowbrook Middle SchoolThe modernization also included upgrades to the electrical, heating and air, data and technology systems as well as new carpeting, lighting, and cabinetry in all classrooms. The administration building was completely redesigned to add more offices, a teacher workroom and staff lounge and the library was expanded and completely updated. A new kitchen and lunch shelter, along with a choir room have also been built.

Meadowbrook Middle School
Additionally, the landscaping has been totally redone as well as interior and exterior painting throughout the campus. This much needed renovation has given Meadowbrook the look, feel and technological capability of  brand new school.